Text Banking Short Codes

Once enrolled through online banking we will send you a text message containing instructions and the text message short codes. Use these simple text commands to receive up-to-date account information. You can text the following short codes to 99588:

BAL Get balances for all enrolled accounts
HIST+ Acct Nickname Get recent transactions
MORE or NEXT Use after a HIST command to receive additional transactions
ATM + Zip Code Find Gateway ATMs within your area
BRANCH + Zip Code Find Gateway branches within your area
HELP Provides a list of text commands
STOP Unsubscribe from Text Banking

How to read your transaction history:

ATM ATM Debit or Credit
CRD Account Credit
CHK Check
CSH Cash Withdrawal
DBT Account Debit
DDS Direct Deposit
DEP  Deposit
INT Interest
FEE Bank Fee
OTH Other
SVC Service Charge
PMT Electronic Payment
POS Point of Sale Debit/Credit
XFR Transfer